The overarching theme of our research is to identify radiomic (extracting computerized sub-visual features from radiologic imaging that are visually not discernible to an expert reader), radio-genomic (identifying radiologic features associated with molecular phenotypes), and radio-pathomic (radiologic features associated with pathologic phenotypes) features that can provide insight into the underlying tumor biology across different disease conditions as reflected on radiologic imaging. Current projects involve quantification of morphological and functional neuroimaging attributes via radiomics, radio-genomics, and radio-pathomics associations, to address questions such as: What to treat? Which treatment? Did the treatment work? 


 DIAGNOSTIC MODELING: Diagnosis of true-progression from treatment effects in brain tumors

PROGNOSTIC MODELING: Identifying prognostic markers for survival prediction on pre-treatment MRI

TREATMENT EVALUATION: Evaluating early response to treatment of neurological disorders