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3D model of Tumor Habitat

Shape Changes between treatment effects and tumor recurrence

Radiation necrosis vs. tumor recurrence using radiomics on routine MRI

Survival prediction in Glioblastoma patients using radiomics analysis

Studying structural deformations in Glioblastoma to predict patient survival

Radiogenomic analysis of brain tumors

About Us

BrIC lab focuses on developing neuroinformatics techniques using machine learning, statistical modeling, and pattern recognition for applications in brain tumors and neurological disorders. One of the primary focuses of BrIC lab is to identify computerized image-based (also known as radiomic) phenotypes, and their associations with genomics (radiogenomics) and histo-pathology (radio-pathomics) for disease characterization.

Our vision is to conduct interdisciplinary and translational research in personalized diagnostics towards early diagnosis, prognosis, and response to treatment for  different neurological conditions including brain tumors. Through our clinical collaborations and research efforts, we aim to build technologies with a potential for near-term clinical impact in customizing personalized treatments and improving patient survival.

Our lab is located at Case Western Reserve University,  within School of Medicine and Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, and is affiliated with the Center for Computational Imaging and Personalized Diagnostics


Please check the research page for specific projects and research focus of our group.

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